What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, wearing something comfortable that you can stretch in.† All mats, blankets and

other props are provided.


How many classes does my term fee give me per week?

Your term fee (usually $160 for a 10 week term) gives you one class per week, at one specific class time for the length of that particular term.† Your place in that class is then guaranteed for the whole term.† Discounts are given for extra classes paid in advance for the term, or extra casual classes may be booked if places are available.


I really liked my very first class, can I book in for 3 or 4 per week?

While we are happy to take bookings for more classes we usually recommend starting with one class per week for your first term and settling into the routine of that, before adding more

classes.† Trying to commit to lots of classes per week straight up can often prove difficult and

results in disappointment and sometimes quitting completely.† We suggest starting small with one class per week and adding classes only when you are sure they will fit into your schedule.


Iím starting for the first time, can I pay casually at first just to make sure it suits me?

Yes, we usually recommend this.† You can come casually for as long as you like and then once youíve decided you would like to make it a permanent thing, you just pay out for the remaining weeks in the current term.


What if I pay for the term and then miss some classes?

If you have paid in full for the term and miss some classes, you can make them up in other class times when you are ready.† Make up classes like this do not expire but are only valid while you are fully paid up for a term.† In other words, they cannot be used as credit for the following

termís fees.† However, they can be done as extras as long as

you maintain your usual term payments.


Do I have to use my make up classes in the current term?

No you donít.† Make up classes donít expire unless you stop paying for your terms up front.† You can miss classes in one term and then make them up any time later on (even months later) so long as you are still paying your usual term fees.


Iíve got a few make up classes up my sleeve, can I just take these off the price of the next term.

No sorry, you canít.† Make up classes cannot be used as credit for subsequent term fees.†

Sometimes there are exceptional circumstances, such as sudden long term hospitalization.† In those cases, please let us know and we can talk about it.


I know Iím going to be away for a couple of weeks and wonít be able to make up the classes at another time.† Should I still pay for the term or just pay casually?

As a general rule, if you pay for the† term and miss two classes, it will cost you about the same as if you pay casually for the just the ones you attend.† If you miss more than two in a term, without making them up, you are better off paying casually.† However, the risk of going casual, is that your place is no longer guaranteed.† Only paying in full for the term secures your place in that class.


I work shift work, can I pay for the term, but swap around my classes to accommodate my shifts?

Unfortunately no.† Because most of our classes are fully booked with term paying students,

floating places in classes cannot be guaranteed.† Your term fees give you a guaranteed place in one particular class per week.† It is safer in the case of shift work, to pay casually and text or call to check if places are available when you need them.


Iíve noticed that the price per class works out cheaper if you pay for the term.† Iím going away for half the term, can I just pay half the term fees to cover the weeks I will be there?

Again, unfortunately no.† The two options for paying are; the full term fees (using make up classes if you miss any) or paying casually.† Paying for the term and making up missed classes is the most economical.† If you think you will miss more than two classes in a term and wonít be able to make them up (even in another term) it works out cheaper to pay casually, week by week.